How Sabina Pillai is championing the psychedelic drug revolution in Canada

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Sabina Pillai, M.A., is a registered psychotherapist at Toronto-based Field Trip Health Ltd., where she helps deliver the transformative effects of psychedelic drugs with guided therapy to those suffering from mental illnesses, to help process trauma, confront past experiences, and overcome negative habits and behaviours and more. Here, she discusses how psychedelic drug therapy works and how it is being used in Canada. Magic mushroom therapy could help treat PTSD in Canadian military vets Canadian healthcare professionals begin historic psilocybin therapy training program NYU to develop ‘one-of-a-kind’ psychedelic medicine centre As the world slowly begins to grieve and heal from the COVID-19 pandemic, we now face the challenge of addressing the lingering relics of this calamitous global event. Collectively, we need to start thinking about how the disruption of our routines, the disconnection from our loved ones, sociopolitical upheaval, and extended uncertainty has impacted our physical and mental health. Prior to the pandemic, the lifetime prevalence of major depressive disorder in Canada was between 4.7-11.2 per cent, which has equated to a $51 billion burden on the Canadian economy through lost productivity, lowered quality of life, and related healthcare costs. Early reports suggest that these figures have grown significantly, with rates of depression symptoms and suicidal ideation tripling since the start of the pandemic with over half the population reporting worsened mental health due to the impact of the pandemic. Current treatment approaches such as antidepressants struggle with high drop-out, relapse, and non-adherence rates, as well as negligible improvements in symptoms. These issues have warranted an exploration of novel treatment approaches and there is a growing body of research that supports psychedelic-assisted therapy’s ability to address them. Moving away from the notion of taking a pill everyday, psychedelic-assisted therapies are creating a paradigm shift in how we as a society…

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Source : How Sabina Pillai is championing the psychedelic drug revolution in Canada

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