Women In Cannabis: Activist Callie Blackwell


In recognition of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the achievements of women in cannabis. One person who absolutely deserves some attention is the amazing Callie Blackwell, who gained global attention after saving her son’s life with cannabis after doctors had given up on treating his rare terminal illness. Since then, she has helped countless other people overcome their illnesses using cannabis, and has been instrumental in turning public opinion in favour of this incredible medicine. Related Post Seedsman Investigates… Cannabis And Cancer Callie Blackwell – A Little Bit Of Background After being told that her son Deryn had less than a week to live, Blackwell began secretly and illegally treating him with cannabis. As she explains in her book, The Boy In Seven Billion, Deryn came back from the brink and made a full recovery – much to the amazement of hospital staff. Unsurprisingly, the case attracted huge media attention, catapulting Blackwell into the spotlight and giving her a platform to campaign for a change to the legal status of medical cannabis. Aside from driving policy reform, she has also dedicated her life to educating and assisting other people in need of healing. What’s Blackwell Up To Now? We recently caught up with Blackwell to find out what she’s got in her pipeline, only for her to drop some pretty major news on us. “I’m a few weeks away from launching my own CBD brand,” she said. “I’ve called it The Activist, which is a bit of a play on words because being an activist is what I became most known for, but also cannabinoids activate certain things.” Given the legal situation in the UK, supplying whole-plant extracts unfortunately isn’t option. For that reason, Blackwell has developed a range of products that maximise the healing power of cannabis despite not…

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