Ohio deputy pulls over speeding vehicle and finds 21 kilograms of cannabis inside

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An Ohio woman transporting US$55,000 ($69,300) worth of weed in her truck tried to blame the smell on two THC vape pens, but human and canine deputies with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) managed to sniff out the truth. At about 8:30 a.m. on Feb. 28, an OCSO deputy decided to stop the female driver after clocking her vehicle travelling at 73 miles per hour (116 kilometres/hour) in a 55 mph (86 km/h) zone. Off-duty officer’s sharp nose spurs arrest of suspected drug-impaired driver and ticket for passenger with open cannabis K9 Maximus knew Christmas was over. Why didn’t this drug dealer? Drug-sniffing dog discovers nearly $2 million worth of cannabis and edibles in Dublin port As the deputy began speaking with the woman and sole occupant, “an odour of raw marijuana was smelled emitting from the vehicle,” prompting the officer to ask if she had any weed inside the truck, according to an OCSO Facebook post . The driver responded by showing the deputy two vape pens and stating that they were THC vape pens. Unconvinced the pens were the source of the odour, the deputy called a fellow officer to provide assistance for a probable cause search of the car. The responding sergeant arrived on scene, along with K-9 Diesel, but the driver refused to exit the vehicle. That being the case, the deputy and the sergeant “assisted the female out of the vehicle without incident,” the OCSO reports. The deputy located the two pens inside the vehicle. Diesel, who WJW reports was helping with the search, alerted the deputy to the bed of the pick-up truck. Noticing a cover over items in the bed of the truck, he removed the cover and discovered two black trash bags. When opened, they revealed “individual clear bags of suspected…

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Source : Ohio deputy pulls over speeding vehicle and finds 21 kilograms of cannabis inside

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