Hawaii Governor Has ‘Concerns’ About Legalization Bill Advancing In Legislature

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The governor of Hawaii says he is “concerned” about efforts to legalize marijuana in the state as reform legislation continues to advance in the legislature. Gov. David Ige (D) was asked about the prospect of legalizing cannabis during an interview this week with KITV. And while he declined to say whether he would sign or veto a legalization bill if it arrived on his desk, he said the ongoing federal prohibition on marijuana creates complications that would factor into his decision. “I’d have to look at it. I do have concerns. Marijuana is still a Schedule I substance, which is highly regulated by the federal government,” he said. “Until that is changed, it is confusing for the public to think that it’s legalized here but, if they were to carry it beyond certain quantities, they could actually end up getting prosecuted and sent to prison for a very long time.” #Marijuana legalization bills are gaining traction in Hawaii legislature this session – @GovHawaii David Ige wouldn't say if he'll sign or veto bill but says he "has concerns" and has been previously been opposed @KITV4 pic.twitter.com/6CwbrCw69o — Tom George (@TheTomGeorge) March 4, 2021 “I am concerned about the fact that, until it is not a Schedule I substance, that any kind of effort to legalize marijuana might be misconstrued and create unintended consequences for the public,” he added. Of course, Hawaii has a regulated market for medical cannabis, which is also prohibited under federal law. Also, for what it’s worth, President’ Joe Biden’s pick for U.S. attorney general has said on several occasions that he does not feel the Justice Department should prosecute individuals using marijuana in compliance with state law. Meanwhile, Hawaii Senate committees on Wednesday voted to advance a bill that would legalize marijuana sales in the state…

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Source : Hawaii Governor Has ‘Concerns’ About Legalization Bill Advancing In Legislature

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