David Beckham invests in CBD


Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, is currently a major eye catcher: scientists see it as a compound with immense therapeutic potential, consumers see it as a product that simply does them good, politicians see that its prohibition makes no sense, and investors feel that there is money to be made in this booming market. One such investor is former footballer David Beckham, who has just invested in a company of this sector. This investment is part of the change in image of the CBD, which is less and less seen as a product whose prohibition is legitimate. David Beckham’s investments in CBD The financial empire of David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham is immense and complex. Schematically, it is entirely managed by the Beckham Brand Holding. Until recently, the Beckham couple owned two-thirds of this holding company, the latter belonging to Simon Fuller, the partner of the former footballer and creator of the Spice Girls. In 2019, the Beckham couple spent some $50 million (36 million pounds) to become the sole owner of this company that manages the “Beckham” brand[1]. One of the companies in the Beckham Brand Holding is DB Ventures, headquartered in London. The latter specializes in investments. And it is through it that David Beckham has just invested in cannabis, specifically in CBD. In February 2021, DB Ventures acquired a minority interest in the British company Cellular Goods, as reported by Sky News. The company in which David Beckham has just invested is dedicated to CBD-enriched cosmetics and CBD products for athletes. In order to avoid any problems with current legislation, the company uses synthetic CBD rather than cannabidiol from the cannabis plant, thus avoiding the presence of even minute traces of THC. DB Ventures’ investment in Cellular Goods was made possible…

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