Study suggests benefits of microdosing psychedelics could be tied to the placebo effect

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Research on the efficacy of microdosing psychedelics is limited, but a new study suggests that the placebo effect may play a factor in positive outcomes. Although microdosing, taking regular small doses of psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin, has been popular for years, a study from Imperial College London suggests that the benefits derived from the practice could be shaped by people’s expectations. Mind Medicine announces study evaluating effects of microdosing LSD Can cannabis improve sleep for chronic insomnia patients? This pharmaceutical company has developed an ‘off-switch’ for LSD trips Researchers took an unconventional approach to the study, as performing analysis on illegal drugs is not an easy thing to do, especially in the time of COVID-19. More than 190 members of the public participated in the placebo-controlled trial, according to a news release from Imperial College. Participants were already microdosing LSD and implemented placebo-control measures in the comfort of their own homes and with instructions from the research team. While the study revealed that a number of psychological parameters improved in individuals who microdosed for several weeks, similarly positive results were also observed in the placebo groups. “Anecdotal reports about the benefits of microdosing are almost certainly biased by the placebo effect,” lead author Balázs Szigeti says. “Our findings confirmed some of the beneficial psychological effects of microdosing from anecdotal reports and observational studies, such as improved sense of well-being and life satisfaction. But we see the same improvements among participants taking placebos. This suggests that the improvements may not be due to the pharmacological action of the drug, but can, instead, be explained by the placebo effect.” According to the researchers, the unique approach to the study could help shape future clinical trials. The study participants followed instructions from the researchers to prepare gel capsules at home that contained…

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Source : Study suggests benefits of microdosing psychedelics could be tied to the placebo effect

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