Chronic migraine patients who use cannabis to ease symptoms could end up with ‘rebound’ headaches: study

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Migraine sufferers who self-medicate with cannabis could be in store for even more hurt in the form of so-called rebound headaches, notes a new U.S. study that suggests weed use may be associated with developing “rebound” headache. Chronic migraine patients with “rebound” or medication overuse headache (MOH) are advised that reducing “cannabis use may help treat MOH effectively,” notes the abstract of the retrospective study . In findings to be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s (AAN) 73 rd  Annual Meeting this April, researchers explain that rebound or MOH occurs “when pain medication is overused by patients who have an underlying primary headache disorder such as migraine,” according to the AAN . Eight in 10 migraine sufferers report cannabis helped beat back pain levels: study Medical cannabis could mean fewer migraines for most sufferers, according to new research For people with migraine, study suggests cannabis may help Factors that could lead to rebound headache include frequency of migraines, overuse of other medications for acute migraine and how long a person has had chronic migraine, the AAN statement notes. Investigators considered the records of 368 adults from headache clinics between 2015 and 2019 who had chronic migraine — defined as 15 or more headache days per month — for at least a year. In all, 150 participants were using cannabis and 218 were not. Researchers extracted information on, among other things, MOH diagnosis, migraine frequency, current cannabis use duration, types of cannabis products used and overused acute migraine medications, the study notes. Of all participants, 212 experienced rebound headache and 156 did not. Those using weed, though, “were six times more likely to have medication overuse headache than those who did not use cannabis,” the AAN points out. Lead author Dr. Niushen Zhang, a member of the Stanford University School of Medicine and…

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Source : Chronic migraine patients who use cannabis to ease symptoms could end up with ‘rebound’ headaches: study

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