Battle Brothers Foundation joins forces with medical data company to explore how cannabis can combat PTSD

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A new observational study, said to be a first of its kind in the U.S., will explore whether or not using cannabis can ease post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in a group of California veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD. The Battle Brothers Foundation, the non-profit arm of cannabis company Helmand Valley Growers Company, and partner NiaMedic, an Israeli-U.S. medical data and research company, recently received approval from the Independent Review Board (IRB), to move forward with the study. Over the next year, 60 California veterans with either moderate or severe PTSD will be enrolled to take part, notes a statement from the foundation. Battle Brothers was founded by disabled special operations veterans in the U.S. and donates 100 per cent of profits to fund research on the medical use of cannabis for veterans. Magic mushroom therapy could help treat PTSD in Canadian military vets Helping military veterans address PTSD focus of planned Canadian study After living with chronic pain for years, a disabled and retired army corporal turned his life around using cannabis Study participants will dose and titrate individually purchased legal products under their own discretion. They will be followed for 90 days to “evaluate the safety and efficiency of cannabis on their symptoms,” with results being documented and monitored at that time. According to Veterans Affairs Canada , PTSD is characterized by three main groups of symptoms, namely intrusive, such as distress memories or images of an incident, flashbacks and nightmare; avoidance, including trying to avoid any reminders of the trauma, gaps in memory and difficulty imagining a future; and arousal, involving such things as sleep disturbance, concentration problems and being constantly on the look-out for signs of danger. Published last July, a small study of seven veterans — and the partners of seven of them — with chronic…

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Source : Battle Brothers Foundation joins forces with medical data company to explore how cannabis can combat PTSD

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