10 Women Scientists In Cannabis We Should Be Celebrating


The contribution of women to science has historically not received the recognition it deserves, but with so many amazing women at the forefront of cannabis research, it’s high time we paid homage to some of these incredible minds. With their vision, intellect and hard work, these luminaries have been instrumental in expanding our knowledge of cannabis and driving a global change in attitude toward medical marijuana. It’s fair to say that without these ten women scientists, cannabis would still be in the dark ages. Related Post Woman Treats Breast Cancer With Cannabis… 2,000 Years Ago Dr Cristina Sanchez A distinguished lecturer in molecular biology at the Complutense University in Madrid, Dr Cristina Sanchez was among the first scientists to recognise the anti-cancer potential of certain cannabinoids. For more than 20 years, her research has shed light on the ability of THC and other compounds within cannabis to kill tumour cells. According to her findings, cannabinoids send cancer cells into a process called apoptosis, whereby they essentially commit suicide, entering a cell-death sequence without releasing any inflammatory molecules that could harm the surrounding tissue. This is something of a holy grail for scientists when developing anti-tumour medications, as it ensures that these cells die “cleanly”, without taking any healthy cells with them. As one of the most prominent cannabis scientists in the world today, Sanchez sits on the board of both the Spanish Society of Cannabinoid Research and the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis.

Dr Allyn Howlett Immediately after Raphael Mechoulam revealed the existence of THC in the mid-1960s, scientists began seeking the brain receptor to which this and other cannabinoids are able to bind. More than 20 years later, in 1988, Dr Allyn Howlett finally made the all-important breakthrough by discovering the CB1 receptor. This finding has been…

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