Man charged after leaving infant next to a big bag of weed

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Police responding to a reported domestic dispute and child custody disagreement later found an unsupervised baby next to a bag of cannabis at another residence. Officers with the Upper Makefield Township Police Department received a call back on July 11, although the arrest details were just issued on Sunday. Back in July, a woman reported via a 911 call that she and her ex-boyfriend had been in an argument over child custody and he currently had the child. She reported she had phoned, but there was no answer. Teens arrested after viral video shows three-year-old smoking a blunt Man accused of hiding weed in his two-year-old daughter’s coat pocket Man pleads not guilty after directing kids to hide his weed stash from police Using the “Find my iPhone” app, a friend of the complainant passed along his whereabouts to the police who then went to the identified location. In the company of the landlord, the officers entered the home. There they found an infant, uninjured but unsupervised, in the downstairs of the residence. The police also found “a large bag of marijuana next to where the infant was located,” according to the police statement. Police did not say how old the infant was, but one media report notes that the bag was open. A search of the home allegedly revealed Nicholas Mason and his current girlfriend asleep upstairs, away from the child. Mason was woken up, but could not provide police with a satisfactory response for leaving the child unsupervised. The 27-year-old man was arrested at about 7:45 p.m. Several charges were subsequently laid against Mason, including endangering the welfare of a child and possession of a controlled substance. Cannabis and child endangerment has proved any uneasy mix in past. For example, last November a Wisconsin couple was charged with…

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