Label requirements for CBD products


For new entrepreneurs venturing into the CBD industry, the primary question is… What are the label requirements for CBD products? Many are confused about the information to be displayed on the labels of their products. In order to avoid any untoward circumstances involving their product, CBD business owners should familiarise themselves with labels requirements for CBD products. Labels requirements for CBD products need to be in strict accordance with the United Kingdom Food Labelling Regulations 1996 6(1). All CBD products sold need to have legally correct and accurate descriptions. All labels should be easy to read and understand. This is for the consumers’ best interests. RELATED ARTICLE: Is CBD oil legal in the UK? The UK’s CBD law explained CONTINUE READING The process of describing and fulfilling label requirements is often exhaustive and confusing. However, with strategically placed information, label requirements for CBD products can be simplified. Basic guidelines for labelling requirements Below are several notable features of labelling requirements as advised by the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 in the United Kingdom. The Northern Irish legislation is identical to this. Label requirements: Naming and labelling of item This entails the usage of correct terminology of the product as being CBD, Phyto-cannabinoid, or hemp-derived product. The CBD product also should not assert any clinical benefits. The term ‘food supplement’ must be specifically mentioned. This is to differentiate it from medical usage and allow CBD to be a part of a daily diet. This is only to the extent of describing nutritional gains in terms such as a ‘source of potassium’ or ‘fibre-rich’. If the CBD item contains vitamins or minerals, then more detailed descriptions can be used. The name and precise address of the company producing the CBD product should be stated. This requirement is only if the company is located…

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