How to make shatter- The ultimate shatter UK guide


A Canadian cannabis manufacturer called BudderKing first introduced shatter to the market in the 1990s. The techniques for how to make it were first published in 2005 in Cannabis Culture magazine. By the 2010s, shatter had emerged as a staple in cannabis consumption across North America. This cannabis-derived product is becoming more widely-known and used in the UK, but what exactly is it? What is shatter? Shatter is a form of cannabis extracted using butane. It can contain a highly concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level. And has risen in popularity in the UK due to its glassy texture and high potency. This translucent, amber cannabis extract comes in a brittle, glass sheet form. It’s this glassy form that gives it the name shatter or wax. When the extract is made, it forms resinous sheets that crack like glass. It’s popular with both recreational and medicinal cannabis users due to its strength and its fast-acting effects. How to make shatter In an industrial context, shatter is made using a closed-loop extraction system. This means the extractor vessel never allows the solvent to come in contact with the outside atmosphere. Making shatter at home is safe to do unless you’re experienced with solvent-based cannabis extraction. Cannabis concentrates like shatter (including hash and BHO) are made by harvesting trichomes; the glass-like crystals that coat the cannabis plant. Trichomes are where most of the THC and other cannabinoids can be found. If you are making it at home it’s advisable to use plenty of safety precautions and the correct equipment. RELATED ARTICLE: Start Your Own Business With CBD White Labeling CONTINUE READING Some amateur blasters put butane sprayed cannabis in specially-made, stainless steel extractors called ‘honey pots’ and apply heat to extract the shatter. As butane is highly combustible, it’s advisable to spray the cannabis…

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