8 of the best cannabis gummies to try right now


In the cannabis edibles game, there’s no form more popular than gummies. They’re easy to store, easy to dose, and easy to consume for people who want to enjoy cannabis while keeping their lungs smoke-free. Because of that, we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular edibles brands and broken down a quick list of gummies you should try today. Here are eight of the best cannabis gummies on the market. Journeyman Tropical Jellies If you’ve bought edibles in Washington, then you’ve definitely seen Journeyman’s products on the shelves. For years, they kicked out some of the most delicious (and affordable) cookies, and now, they’re rocking with the Journeyman Jellies gummies. Journeyman Jellies SMACK. They have these soft gooey centers that’ll make you say “Oh … that’s what we doing?” as soon as they hit your taste buds. Past that, the effects come on smooth in 10 milligram doses, and will make your body feel good each and every time. You really can’t go wrong with these lil’ fellas.  Journeyman Jellies come in three different boxes: a tropical flavors box, a berry flavors box, and a sour flavors box. Do yourself a favor and try the tropical gummies. Find them in: Washington Smokiez Blueberry Fruit Chews Smokiez Edibles out of Oregon is honestly my personal favorite of all time when it comes to the gummy game. They’re thick and chewy, so they last long as a snack and the effects are more potent than any other gummies I’ve ever had. I took three of them (10 milligrams of THC each, 30 milligrams total) before a wedding rehearsal once, and after about 35 minutes … let’s just say I had to find the nearest water fountain and reassess my decisions.  Smokiez come in a wide variety of regular and…

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