Pennsylvania State Senators Team Up to Introduce Bipartisan Adult-Use Cannabis Legislation


<![CDATA[Clinton Blackburn | Adobe Stock Pennsylvania State Sen. Dan Laughlin is not a fan of cannabis. He doesn’t use the product. And he doesn’t think it’s great for others to use it either. But the lawmaker from Erie County, in the northwest corner of the state, became the first Republican in the Pennsylvania legislature to sponsor an adult-use cannabis legalization bill, which he introduced with Democrat Sen. Sharif Street on Feb. 24. During a press conference with the two sponsors Wednesday afternoon, Laughlin said he knows it seems odd that he’s not a proponent of cannabis, yet he’s a primary underwriter of the legalization bill. But since he started working on the legislation with Street, an African-American of Philadelphia, he realized some of the social damage that communities of color have experienced over minor offenses, he said. “That really got my attention,” Laughlin said. “But I think the final straw was a conversation that I had with one of my kids. And I checked with him. He said it was OK to mention this in the hearing. He told me that he could have a bag of weed delivered to the house in under an hour, and that’s better service than Amazon. And I realized that anyone in Pennsylvania that wants to smoke marijuana is probably already doing it. So, we might as well take this and regulated it. I think [it] is the most responsible thing that we can do.”The approach to the bill focuses on a safe and legal means for adults 21 years and older to purchase and use cannabis; social and economic equity that includes expunging non-violent cannabis convictions; agricultural arrangements in a safe and regulated manner; and new tax revenue and job creation. According to a press release from Street, polling indicates that nearly two-thirds of…

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Source : Pennsylvania State Senators Team Up to Introduce Bipartisan Adult-Use Cannabis Legislation

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