How Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation Weathered the State’s Winter Storm


<![CDATA[Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC), a vertically integrated medical cannabis company headquartered in Manchaca, Texas, just southwest of Austin, struggled to make deliveries to patients last week during the state’s winter storm that brought historically low temperatures, icy roads, and widespread power and water outages.While TOCC’s facility kept its power, many of its employees did not. And while the facility continued to run, hazardous road conditions made it impossible to drive throughout the state to deliver cannabis medicine. Contributing Editor Cassie Neiden Tomaselli caught up with TOCC CEO Morris Denton, who shares some of the grim details of last week and how he believes the Compassionate-Use Program could improve to make medicine more accessible should another weather event impact the state of Texas. Editor’s note: This interview was conducted on Feb. 19. It has been edited for length and clarity.  Cassie Neiden Tomaselli: How is the team doing overall?Morris Denton: Our team is a resilient bunch, right, and very purpose-driven and passionate about doing our best to get our medicine safely and quickly into the hands of our patients whom we serve throughout the state of Texas. We had a number of employees who suffered pretty significant consequences during the winter storm: some ranging from complete displacement because flooding based on broken pipes, to a lot of folks being out of electricity and out of water for extended periods of time. At the facility we fared a lot better. We didn’t have any significant power loss to the facility at any point in time. We of course have generators in place if we need them, but it didn’t get to that point. We were able to run the facility somewhat remotely, even when we couldn’t have anyone come into the facility because the roads were impassable for a period of…

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