Bud blunder: Guard pinched for trying to smuggle pot into prison inside food container

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A guard with the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service didn’t fully think through his plan to smuggle weed into the correctional facility where he worked, seemingly forgetting about standard security checks that were in place. The 31-year-old guard, who has nine years with the service, was on duty when he was found out after picking up something to eat during his shift, notes a Facebook post by from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service . Steffon Deocharan was working at the Maximum Security Prison at Arouca on Feb. 20 when he left the compound at about 7:15 p.m. to get food and returned five minutes later with a food container and a 1.5 litre bottle of water. Seven weird ways people have tried smuggling weed Smuggling ploy flushed out when police discover hospital toilet used to stash weed, meth and LSD Weed smugglers drive vehicle into the river and swim to Mexico to escape U.S. border agents As per protocol, prison officers searched him and scanned the food and water scanned at the security checkpoint, displaying what appeared to be foreign objects inside the food container. It was searched and four packages of frozen marijuana weighing about 1.2 kilograms in total were found. As for the “water”, the bottle contained alcohol. The Arouca police were called and seized both the drugs and alcohol. Deocharan, who was arrested at the scene, has been charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and possession of prohibited goods. Inquiries by local police are continuing. The smuggling attempt went over like a lead balloon with Facebook commenters. “You have 9 yrs service & you jeopardize all that for what,” asked one poster. “[L]ive within your means, don’t try or want to live the high life. Some people don’t have a job and…

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Source : Bud blunder: Guard pinched for trying to smuggle pot into prison inside food container

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