No need for cops to force their way inside when suspected drug dealers simply open the door

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Armed police were fully prepared to force entry to a Birmingham, U.K. property suspected of housing drug dealers with illegal guns, but didn’t have to when two alleged — and very surprised — dealers opened their door at that very moment. Why restrict an illegal cannabis grow to just one room of a house? Police find plants over four rooms on property Location, location, location: House-hunting, off-duty officer was in exactly the right spot to find… an illegal weed grow Video shows officer being dragged by car after teen driver asked about cannabis Acting on a community tip that the two suspected drug dealers had access to firearms, officers with the West Midlands Police (WMP) contained a block of flats in the immediate area before preparing to execute a warrant, by force if needed. It is not clear when the raid occurred. Identified as Wesley Carter and Keelan Simpson, the two men, “got the fright of their lives” when they opened their door and were greeted at gunpoint by armed officers, notes a statement from the WMP . “Maybe they’d heard footsteps and had expected to find a customer… they couldn’t have been more wrong,” Detective Sergeant Dan Tang of the West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit says in the statement. Upon officers entering the property, captured on police video, Carter, 39, and Simpson, 24, were detained. A search of the property revealed four firearms (three revolvers and a handgun found in a backpack), 80 rounds of ammunition, about 500 grams of cocaine worth £19,000 ($33,820) and a 50-plant weed farm.

Police did not find evidence of the two actually making ammunition, but did discover lead shot, casings, manufacturing equipment and a how-to leaflet on making rounds at the scene. The found revolvers were identified as being manufactured…

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Source : No need for cops to force their way inside when suspected drug dealers simply open the door

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