Open-source ‘lung simulator’ made with 3D printer reported to show effects of smoking weed

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A team of researchers from McMaster University and the University of Waterloo suggest a 3D-printed “lung simulator” they’ve developed can replicate what happens in the lungs when smoking weed, information that could prove useful when developing health policy around recreational and medicinal cannabis. Using commercially available design software and a 3D printer, researchers developed and validated a novel 3D-printed, “ in vitro exposure system (IVES) that can be directly applied to study the effect of cannabis smoke exposure on primary human bronchial epithelial cells,” explains the research paper published on ERJ open research . According to 3D Printing Industry , the team fabricated a four-chamber, lung-like IVES featuring two inlets, four outlets and four chamber caps. Got asthma? Survey shows half of cannabis-consuming respondents still smoke weed New ‘The Toker’ campaign offers tips on protecting the lungs and weed-smoking during the pandemic Researchers at Toronto-based St. Michael’s Hospital find synthetic cannabis compounds associated with higher death rate in older COPD patients Each cannabis sample used in the experiments was about 0.7 grams of dried flower, with the bud purchased from Ontario Cannabis Store with a Health Canada-approved research licence, notes the paper. Using one puff of smoke separated by three puffs of fresh room air served to mimic the behaviour of human smoking patterns. “Our results suggest that individual donor cultures exposed to cannabis smoke in IVES experienced a decrease in epithelial barrier function as compared to air-exposed controls,” study authors write. “Cell cytotoxicity was minimally impacted by our model,” the results further suggest. When human airway epithelial cells were exposed to cannabis smoke using IVES, there were changes in cell morphology and disruption of barrier function without significant cytotoxicity. Other parameters also validated “IVES smoke exposure impacts in human airway epithelial cells at a molecular level.” Dysfunction involving the…

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Source : Open-source ‘lung simulator’ made with 3D printer reported to show effects of smoking weed

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