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Buried bud: Cops exhume cannabis from so-called ‘marijuana gravesite’

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GettyImages 1006480588 e1614086557843
Police are used to digging up the facts, but officers in Trinidad and Tobago were likely somewhat surprised when excavations actually unearthed cannabis from what has been called a “marijuana gravesite.” Police with the Fyzabad Police Station, part of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), were in the midst of conducting an exercise when they received a tip at about 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 20, notes a Facebook post by TTPS . Cannabis fields in Trinidad are on fire ‘Parliament’s intent is very clear’: Trinidad and Tobago set to expunge criminal records as part of new cannabis laws Parents shocked to find cannabis growing at primary school under renovations Proceeding to an address on, yes, Easy Street, members of the TTPS’s South Western Division Task Force came upon several spots of ground in an open area that appeared to have been recently disturbed. Deciding to dig deeper, the officers excavated the area and found a white plastic bag containing three plastic packets buried about 60 centimetres below the surface. Each packet contained a quantity of marijuana amounting to 1.719 kilograms, states the post. The exhumed cannabis was characterized as a “marijuana gravesite,” according to News Day . The police seized the cannabis and returned it to the police station. But that was not the only weed to be seized this past weekend, notes the police statement. Two officers on mobile patrol witnessed a man carrying a black bag. When the man saw the officers, he quickened his pace, and when the police approached on foot, the suspect fled the scene. Officers managed to apprehend the man, but he continued to resist, and finally broke away. The bag was searched and inside there was 1.4 kg of weed. The cannabis was seized and brought to the police station. No arrests…

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Source : Buried bud: Cops exhume cannabis from so-called ‘marijuana gravesite’

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