Growing Together: Peyote WiFi


Peyote WiFi is the result of crossing WiFi (The W‪hite x Fire OG) with Peyote Purple, the colourful Bubba Kush pheno. This strain stands out on account of its ridiculously heavy resin content and its distinctly gassy terpene profile with a sweet undertone. It’s a very nice smelling strain and an amazing strain for extracts. The Indoor Grow This plant was harvested at day 72. It could have been taken down slightly earlier at around day 65 but I waited for 50% milky resin glands. This plant could also have gone a little longer to approx day 77 to achieve a more sedating effect. I grew it for 6 weeks prior to blooming, so the total duration from germination to harvest was 114 days. I grew the plants under low lighting due to heat issues so the grow time could have been faster under ideal conditions. I grew them in 9 litre root prune pots of  buffered coconut coir, inoculated with beneficial bacteria and fungi and fed them with a blend of Terpmax dry mineral feeds and biostimulants such as kelp, humic acid and fulvic acid. They were grown on a run to waste system, fed via 2 flood drippers per pot, 2 x a day and illuminated by 2 x 640w full spectrum LEDs. Inside a 2.4m x x 2m tall tent. My lights were on during the night to compensate for cooler temperatures. Lights off temperatures were approx 19oC and 27oC during lights on. Peyote WiFi was very easy to grow, required zero special attention and displayed no deficiencies or problems throughout the entire grow cycle. This would make it suitable for beginners and professionals alike. I had cold nights and cool light on temperatures due to it being winter here and me using LEDs to grow it,…

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