Dispelling the negative reputation of medical cannabis

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For decades, the potential value of using cannabis as medicine has not been recognized. Some recent studies, however, seem to be taking steps towards dispelling cannabis’ negative reputation. In a study by the University of New Mexico , published in December 2020 in the Journal of Cannabinoid Research, researchers reviewed data collected from 2,306 self-administered doses of cannabis flower by 670 participants via a cannabis tracking app called Releaf . From that data, researchers found that decreases in symptom intensity were reported in 95.5 per cent of cannabis sessions. Additionally, higher CBD concentration was not associated with changes in intensity of symptoms while higher THC concentration was associated with reductions in negative symptoms. Understanding The Importance Of Marijuana Studies And Outcomes Patients don’t consider doctors to be a good source of cannabis info Got asthma? Survey shows half of cannabis-consuming respondents still smoke weed Even so, cultivars labeled indica provided better results than cultivars labeled sativa. While the labels sativa and indica have been discounted, this study used them to match the consumer’s market options. Although feelings of paranoia have commonly been associated with using cannabis, this study found that people were much more likely to report positive effects after ingesting cannabis than negative ones. As a result of this, the authors have hypothesized that the classic paranoia may have more to do with the illegality of cannabis than the inherent effects of the plant. They also hypothesize that this positive profile is why many patients choose to substitute cannabis for traditional pharmacological substances, such as benzodiazepines, atypical antipsychotics, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, beta-blockers and other medications meant to treat negative affect. The authors noted “the fact that higher THC appears to confer greater anxiolytic effects in our study at higher THC levels suggests that the whole natural cannabis plant…

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