4 weed products pro boxer Karim Mayfield can't live without


Professional boxer Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield is Bay Area to the core. You can hear it in the way he talks, you can see it in the way he walks, and The Bay is most definitely in the way he fights. “I was born and raised in the Western Addition known as the Fillmore [District]. What we call the Moe. It is known as a historically Black community, and I pretty much came up there all my adolescent years, and today, I’m still there doing what I can do for the youngsters,” he told Weedmaps during a recent phone interview. Mayfield has a record of 21 Wins (11 knockouts, 10 decisions), 5 Losses (0 knockouts, 5 decisions). He’s the 2006 Golden Gloves champion, a former NABO junior welterweight champion, and emphasizes that he has never been beaten, battered, or bruised. His hardest opponent ever? Himself. “Not to sound all cocky, my hardest opponent was myself, to be honest. I can tell you I fought a guy named Thomas Delorme, that was a little more difficult than others. No excuse, but it wasn’t the full me in there.” Currently, Mayfield is inactive as a professional boxer, but is training for a comeback and wants Danny Garcia to stop running. “I’ve been chasing this guy for a long time. I’ve got a documentary on WorldStar called Run Danny. They are still ducking me to this day. People will say I want a big pay day, but I’m so passionate, I’ll fight him for the low.” Past boxing, Mayfield’s passions extend to community restoration and social equity in California cannabis. “It’s very important, very essential for me to give back to where I came from. I got everything from there.” For several years, he’s had a boxing program in San Francisco named SOULCHAMP,…

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