Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Trichomes


Anyone who’s ever browsed the entries in our Photo Cup competitions will know exactly how tantalising cannabis trichomes can look from up close. Packed with cannabinoid-rich resin, these tiny, hair-like structures are where the magic happens, although the truth is that we still have a lot to learn about their function and morphology. Related Post Cannabis Plants 101: A Quick Guide To Trichomes The Latest Research On Cannabis Trichomes The fact that trichomes are the source of a cannabis plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids is not new knowledge, although it wasn’t until 2019 that scientists finally managed to track the life-cycle of these miniature structures. The study, which appeared in The Plant Journal[i], provided a detailed description of the three different types of trichome, known as bulbous, capitate sessile and capitate stalked trichomes. Of these, capitate stalked trichomes are the largest, and therefore contain the most resin. Via a series of stunning photographs, the study authors revealed that most of the capitate sessile trichomes on a cannabis plant actually develop into the larger capitate stalked variety during flowering. As a result, the proportion of stalked trichomes increases from 30 percent to 80 or 90 percent when a plant reaches maturity, allowing for a massive rise in cannabinoid synthesis. The three types of trichome: (L-R) Capitate stalked trichome, sessile and bulbous trichomes The researchers also discovered that capitate sessile trichomes always contain exactly eight cells in their secretory disc, while capitate stalked trichomes can contain twice this number. Since it is these cells that release cannabinoids, terpenes and other useful compounds, it’s pretty clear to see why an increase in stalked trichomes is desirable. Perhaps even more intriguingly, results also indicated that the trichomes that coat cannabis leaves have the same cannabinoid profile as those on the buds, yet tend to…

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