Diary of a Cannabis Growing Preacher: Weeks 14-16 (Balkhi seeds)


Quick Update As we finished up last time, the gang was just starting to show their sex. Within a couple of days of submitting the last article the rest of the crop sexed. Unfortunately, the numbers were quite disappointing. In fact, they were upside down from what they should have been for a typical crop. The average female to male ratio is around 68% female to 32% male, depending on who you read. This batch is way off that average, ten of the sixteen plants are male, that’s 60% males. This probably means that the majority of seedlings that died were probably females. The good side of all this is that there appears to be decent diversity amongst the females. If testing doesn’t provide the three phenotypes expected I will run another dozen seeds later on to look for the missing one. I am pretty sure there are three, but we will see. Just to give us some reference, here is where we were at week thirteen. All sixteen Balkhi plants are present here. As you can see, there is not enough room here for everyone to stay healthy as size increases. Since 10 of the 16 decided to be boys, this next decision was made easy for me. The males have really gone into overdrive with producing pollen pods, so before they opened I had to move them out. Fortunately, I have an abundance of tents to work with, so I just had to find a spot away from the girls to allow these boys to do their thing. The girls were only just beginning to show sex, so I needed to allow them a few more weeks to get some flowers on before exposing them to the males. I still have not decided how I will do the…

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Source : Diary of a Cannabis Growing Preacher: Weeks 14-16 (Balkhi seeds)

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