Making cannabis extract from the Peyote family


Extraction methods Rosin press I usually perform cannabis extraction using a rosin press, which uses 2 heated plates and pressure to literally melt the resin glands off the flowers. The flowers are placed inside fine mesh filter bags, which are placed between folded parchment or silicon sheets, and then pressed between the heated plates, so that the liquid resin runs out through the filter bag leaving the pressed flowers behind. I prefer to extract cannabinoids like this, without using any solvents, because solvents  need to be purged before your extract can be consumed. But I am currently without my rosin press, so I decided to try the solvent route. Butane The most common cannabis extraction method for making high quality shatter or wax is BHO (Butane Honey Oil). This method uses a tube or vessel to hold the material being extracted, and as the name suggests, uses a stream of butane that travels through the material to dissolve all the resin glands, which then runs out the extraction tube in a stream of now golden butane liquid, which later needs to be separated by way of heating. To preserve flavour and terpenes it should be heated under vacuum. The vacuum  allows the butane to boil off at a lower temperature than the terpenes suspended within the resin glands. If you purge without a vacuum you need such a high temperature, that all your terpenes will evaporate away leaving an extract that has no terpenes or flavour. Dimethyl ether For this extraction I used a solvent called Dexso dimethyl ether (DME). DME in an aerosol can easily be used to extract various essential oils and other extracts from flowers, fruits, and any other aromatic plant materials. The dimethyl ether used for Dexso DME is exactly the same as the one used…

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Source : Making cannabis extract from the Peyote family

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