Bait and switch? ‘Fishing bait’ among labels drug smugglers used to try to sneak weed into Ireland

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It turned out to be anything but routine during routine operations at the Athlone and Dublin mail centres in Ireland when Revenue officers seized a hefty haul of cannabis, cocaine and the herbal stimulant khat. Joint operation reveals suspected cannabis worth $4 million This CBD retailer in Ireland keeps getting raided by the police Bogus goods mailed to Ireland turned out to be $55,800 worth of weed from Canada and the U.S. As part of the ongoing operations by Revenue , the Irish agency that handles tax and customs, to target importation of illegal drugs, officers confiscated more than 99 kilograms of illegal drugs, most of that khat, on Feb 15. The stimulant in khat is found in the leaves of a East African and Arabian Peninsula shrub called Catha edulis . When chewed, it has similar effects to some other stimulants, including becoming more talkative, alert and elated, and experiencing eurphoria. With stimulants similar to amphetamines, khat is used as a recreational drug and as medicine for conditions ranging from diabetes to depression, headache and male infertility, notes WebMD . It is legal in some countries, but not in others. Specifically, Revenue reports that the seizure included unspecified amounts of cannabis and cocaine, as well as 89 kg of khat. The drugs were discovered in 50-plus separate parcels originating from the U.K., the U.S., Canada, Kenya and Spain and destined for delivery throughout Ireland. Smugglers tried to foil detection by declaring the parcels as items such as “fishing bait”, “keychains”, “art supplies”, “green tea” and “sports shoes”, but were foiled by sharp-nosed detector dogs — both named Bailey — who are assigned each mail centre, respectively. Canines have helped with detecting other drug smuggling operations at mail centres, including two in just the last month. Bailey and Sam, assigned…

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Source : Bait and switch? ‘Fishing bait’ among labels drug smugglers used to try to sneak weed into Ireland

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