Your State-by-State Guide to Cannabis Cultivation Business Application and Licensing Fees


<![CDATA[Finding out what any particular state is charging prospective cannabis growers to get into the business can be daunting at times. Some states make their fees easy to find and easy to digest. Others can take some time digging through page after page on various websites. Note, too, that some states are not always accepting any new marijuana cultivation business license applications. Those windows of availability open and close at different times in each state.With that, here are the cultivation business application and licensing fees for the 33 states that allow medical cannabis and, in some cases, adult-use cannabis businesses. We will update this post as fee structures change in U.S. state-regulated markets; let us know what additional application and licensing information you’d like to see on this post. RELATED: Interactive Marijuana Legislation Map Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2015. It was last updated in February 2021.Alaska New application fee: $1,000Standard cultivation facility license: $5,000 (Renewal: $7,000)Limited cultivation facility license (500 square feet or less): $1,000 (Renewal: $1,400)Product manufacturing facility license: $1,000Concentrate manufacturing facility license: $1,000 Arizona Application fee: $5,000 ($1,000 of which is refundable if unsuccessful in the application process)Initial registration fee: $5,000Annual registration renewal fee: $1,000In Arizona, medical marijuana nonprofit dispensary licensees are permitted to grow marijuana. The fee for medical marijuana nonprofit dispensary licensees to move into the new adult-use market is $25,000.  Arkansas Annual cultivation license fee: $100,000Performance bond: $500,000 California Annual license application fees:Specialty Cottage Outdoor $135Specialty Cottage Indoor $205 Specialty Cottage Mixed-Light Tier 1 $340Specialty Cottage Mixed-Light Tier 2 $580Specialty Outdoor $270Specialty Indoor $2,170Specialty Mixed-Light Tier 1 $655 Specialty Mixed-Light Tier 2 $1,125 Small Outdoor $535 Small Indoor $3,935Small Mixed-Light Tier 1 $1,310Small Mixed-Light Tier 2 $2,250Medium Outdoor $1,555 Medium Indoor $8,655 Medium Mixed-Light Tier 1 $2,885 Medium Mixed-Light Tier 2 $4,945 Nursery $520 Processor $1,040 Annual license fees:Specialty Cottage…

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Source : Your State-by-State Guide to Cannabis Cultivation Business Application and Licensing Fees

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