Marijuana Delivery Services Added To New York Governor’s Revised Legalization Proposal

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The governor of New York on Tuesday revealed details of an amended budget plan to legalize marijuana, with new provisions to allow cannabis delivery services and a refined approach to penalties for unlawful sales. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) first announced that he would be sending a revised version of his reform proposal to the legislature on Monday. The hope is that these changes will satisfy lawmakers and advocates who took issue with several components of his original plan, which was filed last month. There are three main amendments: 1) allow marijuana deliveries, 2) lower penalties for selling cannabis to underage people or illegally selling large volumes of marijuana and 3) create a new framework for how social equity grants are distributed. “As we work to reimagine, rebuild and reopen New York, we’re taking every opportunity to address and correct decades of institutional wrongs to build back better than ever before,” Cuomo said in a press release. “We know that you cannot overcome a problem without first admitting there is one.” “Our comprehensive approach to legalizing and regulating the adult-use cannabis market provides the opportunity to generate much-needed revenue, but it also enables us to directly support the communities most impacted by the war on drugs by creating equity and jobs at every level, in every community in our great state,” he said. The governor said that adding a delivery licensing option will open up opportunities to participate in the industry with a lower cost of entry. There would be a local opt-out option for individual jurisdictions to ban delivery services, however. Cuomo’s decision to revise his proposal to lower penalties for selling cannabis to those under 21 is directly responsive to criticism from advocates over his original plan. Advocates and legislators said that making such activity a class D felony…

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Source : Marijuana Delivery Services Added To New York Governor’s Revised Legalization Proposal

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