Green thumbs: 14 people caught weeding weed at illegal grow arrested

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An anonymous tip allowed police in Kenya to discover acre-big illegal cannabis grow worth an estimated $324,000 and arrest 14 people while they were actually in the process of weeding the weed crop. Kenyan man says he has been growing cannabis ‘as a vegetable’ for almost five decades Vehicle hauling large amount of cannabis literally goes up in smoke U.K. athletes to face shorter bans for recreational drug use Members of a multi-agency team descended on the illicit grow at Kedong ranch in Naivasha earlier this week, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) reports. The 14 suspects are currently in police custody, and will be arraigned pending further investigations, notes a tweet from DCI Kenya . Team members destroyed the crop of bhang on Thursday, adds another tweet . The police are reportedly still trying to piece together how the suspects managed to plant such as large crop without being detected earlier and whether or not the operation involves other accomplices, The Standard reports . Senator Ledama Olekina has called for Kenya to amend its current laws and legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. In a YouTube video last fall, while standing in a cannabis field during a tour in Lithuania, Olekina asked: “Why is it that we in Kenya are still stuck with the old ways of saying this is an illegal drug? This is crazy.” If cannabis “is good, give it to reduce the pain of cancer patients, and we know how cancer is killing people in Kenya, why not legalize it? What is so bad about it? You know, you only live once,” he said. As he continued to walk through the field, “this is all weed” and “it’s legal,” he said. “Damn, I would love to live here,” Olekina quips as the video ends.


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Source : Green thumbs: 14 people caught weeding weed at illegal grow arrested

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