Everything you need to know about the Rosin Tech Go 2


Rosin Tech Products produces a range of commercial and home-use tools to extract high-quality rosin without the use of solvents, or chemicals. Specifically designed for home use, the Rosin Press Go uses heat and pressure extract rosin from cannabis and cannabis products.  It’s light and small enough to throw in a backpack for portability, without compromising on heavy-duty construction. At its core, this machine empowers cannabis users to take control of their own experience and opens up the world of dabbing to those who prefer cannabis products that steer clear of chemical processing.  Below, learn everything you need to know about the Rosin Tech Go 2. What is the Rosin Tech Go 2? The Rosin Tech Go 2 is a portable heat press that extracts extremely pure concentrates from cannabis flower and other substances like hash. It is smaller than your average kitchen appliance and built with industrial grade materials.  Included in the package are three items: the machine, power cord, and instruction manual. The instruction manual has easy step-by-step directions for setting up, and there’s an online education center to learn best practices and techniques.  Note: It is important to note that there are a few essential elements that are not included with the Rosin Tech Go 2, but are necessary for operating the machine. You probably have them around the house already, as these items include parchment paper and a rosin collecting or scraping tool. Rosin Tech How to use the Rosin Tech Go 2 The Rosin Tech Go 2 is very intuitive and easy to use for anyone, regardless of experience. The temperature and timer presets are manually controlled with up and down arrows on the digital back panel. Loud beeps indicate when set temperature is reached and when the timer is up.  The basic function is…

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