Why Aren’t All Sibling Cannabis Plants Identical?


Whether you’re a breeder trying to create a killer new hybrid or a home grower planting your favourite cultivar, chances are you’ve noticed that your cannabis plants don’t all come out identical. The reasons for this will depend primarily on how stabilised your genetics are, although environmental conditions also have a massive role to play. At the end of the day, a complex tapestry of factors will determine what sort of weed you get, so while your seeds might share the same name, the reality is that sibling cannabis plants aren’t always identical. Related Post Everything You Need To Know About Genetic Stability In Cannabis Cannabis Plants Don’t Always Turn Out Identical Before we get into the nitty-gritty of breeding and genetics, it’s worth clearing a few things up about how cannabis plants can be affected by the environment, even if they’re from a highly stabilised cultivar. Seeds from such lines tend to be highly homozygous, meaning they all have very similar genetics, with little variation. Yet a plant’s phenotype – or the actual characteristics it possesses – isn’t determined solely by its genes. For example, if you were to plant two seeds from a cultivar that is known for its purple colouration – like Purple Kush, for instance – then you’ll generally find that cooler temperatures during flowering bring out this hue much more vividly than warmer environments do. This is because cannabis plants tend to devote less energy to chlorophyll production when the temperature drops, thereby allowing other colours to shine through. Thus, while all plants from a particular line may carry the genetic potential for purple bud, the degree to which these genes are reflected in plant’s phenotype often depends on external factors. In other words, cannabis plants from the same cultivar aren’t guaranteed to be identical.…

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