Stoned Yoga: Combining Cannabis and Yoga Practices


Over the last couple of decades or so, various and sometimes seemingly bizarre, niche yoga classes have become available, including yoga for dogs (Doga), nude yoga, stand-up paddleboard yoga (SUP), and wine-tasting yoga retreats. In countries where the recreational use of cannabis has been legalized, one of the consequences has been the flowering of various activities that would not been permitted previously, such as cannabis painting classes and cannabis bed and breakfast hotels (Crampton 2019). Another such development in several states in the USA and in Canada and South Africa, is the availability of yoga classes that combine yoga exercises and meditation with cannabis (either vaped, smoked or eaten). It is well known to afficionados that cannabis can heighten awareness of the body and sensory experience. It can lead to a greater sense of relaxation and also facilitate more focussed concentration on one’s breathing. These effects are, of course, very much suited to yoga practices. Cannabis and yoga organizations The first organization that widely promoted yoga and meditation classes with cannabis was Ganja Yoga, founded by Dee Dussault in 2009, who has featured on national television in the USA. Among a number of other organizations and teachers that have followed suit are Cannayoga (by Roxy Louw and Sam Narton in South Africa), 420 Yoga (by Darrin ‘Yogi D’ Zeer), Canna Bliss (by Lau Alessia), Cannabis 101 Ecannaflow (by Chioma Nwosu), and Marijuasana (by Stacey Mulvey). Some of these organizations run studios and classes in several locations in the USA and Canada. Besides regular yoga and meditation classes, some offer retreats and teacher-training courses where cannabis/yoga practice can be more fully explored. Most of them also market CBD oil, yoga clothes, books, videos and other merchandise. Both Dee Dussault (2017) and Darrin Zeer (2019) have published books on ‘ganja/cannabis yoga’. Cannabis…

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