DEA Wants To Know About Applicants’ Hemp And CBD Use, But Only Pre-Legalization

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The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wants to know whether its prospective employees or contractors have used hemp or CBD—but only if they used it before December 20, 2018. Why? Because that’s when the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law, federally legalizing the crop and its derivatives. In an updated drug questionnaire for would-be workers for the narcotics agency that was posted last week, DEA added the hemp note, signaling that it doesn’t have a problem with workers who consume the non-intoxicating plant, as long as their use is consistent with the legislative timeline. The agency also said it wants to know about any marijuana use, even if it was for medical purposes in accordance with a doctor’s recommendation. “With the exception of Marijuana, do not include any instance in which the substance was prescribed, administered, or dispensed for you by a duly authorized physician for treatment of a legitimate medical condition,” the drug use disclosure form now states. “Please include any Hemp or Cannabidiol (CBD) use, if used before 12/20/2018.” The questionnaire says that “the use of drugs and drug abuse by DEA employees and contractors is not tolerated. Applicants for DEA employment, and contractor personnel offered on DEA contracts, must disclose their current and past drug usage and activity.” “The application of DEA’s drug use policy guidelines, in conjunction with a case-by-case analysis, will determine if an applicant’s prior drug usage or activity will result in the applicant’s non-selection for employment with the DEA,” it continues. DEA does give some leniency when it comes to marijuana use by its employees and contractors, however. Generally speaking, admitting to using illicit drugs within 10 years of the application submission will render an applicant ineligible. But for cannabis, that timeline is shortened to three years. The earlier version of the form…

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Source : DEA Wants To Know About Applicants’ Hemp And CBD Use, But Only Pre-Legalization

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