Byers Scientific Announces New Company Structure to Deliver Innovative and Sustainable Industrial-Scale Odor Mitigation Solutions


<![CDATA[BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Feb. 11, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE – Marc Byers and his team of odor mitigation experts recently announced the launch of Byers Scientific (Byers), which brings two industry-leading companies—Byers Scientific & Manufacturing and Pacific Environmental Analytics—together under one roof. Through this internal restructuring, Byers has expanded its comprehensive and data-driven odor mitigation solutions across multiple industries. Byers Scientific & Manufacturing, now Byers Mitigation Technologies, has been a leading designer, engineer and manufacturer of equipment for the industrial odor management industry since 2014. Byers’ patented dry vapor-phase odor mitigation systems are an integral part of the odor mitigation plan for numerous industrial-scale facilities. With these vapor-phase systems, in conjunction with its industry-leading MT-6 Molecular Filtration System, Byers is innovating state-of-the-art odor mitigation. This comprehensive approach helps customers and clients achieve regulatory compliance and effectively reduce water and energy consumption to help pave the way for a more sustainable future.Pacific Environmental Analytics, now Byers Emissions Analysis (BEA), was formed in 2019 to provide a bottom-up approach to assessing and managing commercial agriculture and industrial emissions. Innovated by globally recognized scientists Dr. Alex Guenther and Dr. William Vizuete, BEA employs pioneering gas-phase emissions testing and analysis to determine the impact of cultivation, processing and extraction on air quality using site-specific emissions modeling. Finally, the newest division, Byers Intelligent Systems, offers other industrial manufacturers the same Bolt-OnTM Cloud-based SCADA (IoT) functionality on-board all Byers’ manufactured equipment. This proprietary technology is made available to other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to increase automation capabilities, improve equipment efficiencies, collect critical data and drive revenue. By bringing Byers Mitigation Technologies, Emissions Analysis and Intelligent Systems together, Byers equips customers and clients to tackle today’s most complex odor and emissions challenges across various industries. With science and data-driven mitigation and monitoring solutions, Byers helps significantly reduce liability…

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Source : Byers Scientific Announces New Company Structure to Deliver Innovative and Sustainable Industrial-Scale Odor Mitigation Solutions

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