Video shows officer being dragged by car after teen driver asked about cannabis

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An initially friendly inquiry between a West Midlands Police (WMP) officer and a then 18-year-old suspected of smoking weed in his car turned potentially deadly when the driver sped away and the officer was left hanging on to the vehicle for his life. The WMP released video from an officer’s body camera yesterday that shows the teenager, Muhammad Nadeem, being asked what he was doing sitting inside his vehicle on Jan. 25, 2020. The video (WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT) shows Kieron Poole, a police community support officer (PCSO), being told by the Nadeem that he was visiting his uncle and couldn’t smoke in his apartment, so was having a cigarette inside his car. Nervy jump from window not enough to evade arrest for growing weed Dopey dealers pushing a terpene-telling shopping cart catch the eyes (and noses) of police St. Louis driver flees on foot after officers allegedly catch scent of cannabis in vehicle PCSO Kieron smelled cannabis, prompting him to ask the teen if he had been smoking weed and requesting that he shut off the engine, notes a statement from the WMP . Instead, the suspect sped away and dragged the officer, who was holding on to the vehicle and trying to grab the keys, for almost 30 metres. “It all happened so quickly. Before I knew anything my arm was attached to the car and I was being propelled, hanging on the side, through a couple of branches, a good 20 to 30 feet before I knew what was happening,” Poole recounts in the video. “I shouted, ‘Stop! Stop!’, but he wasn’t paying any attention. I knew I had to get the key out of the ignition. If I didn’t, I could have gone under his tires and I might not be here today,” the PCSO adds. [youtube…

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Source : Video shows officer being dragged by car after teen driver asked about cannabis

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