This CBD retailer in Ireland keeps getting raided by the police

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An Irish business that sells hemp and CBD products has been raided multiple times in the last few months by the Garda Síochána, the national police service of Ireland. Little Collins CBD, which has shops in Galway and Kilkenny, has had its shelves wiped clean and staff questioned during the raids, reports Galway Daily . Ireland’s health minister isn’t apologizing for past cannabis use, supports legalization Gino Kenny: The story of cannabis in Ireland is a tale of chronic pain and a hesitant government Colorado clears more than US$2 billion in cannabis sales in 2020 About a year ago, officers seized 10 kilograms of hemp flower and two litres of full-spectrum CBD oil. This followed an earlier raid where officers seized all hemp flower on the premises. Police raided the business again last week. In a statement, the Irish political party People Before Profit admonished the raids and called for clarity around Ireland’s cannabis and CBD regulations. “There is currently a contradiction in how the present laws are interpreted. One state body, such as the Health Products Regulatory Authority, states that trace amounts of THC can be permissible in CBD products that are sold, while customs authority go by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 , which holds THC in any amount as illegal,” Gino Kenny, who has campaigned for the legalization of medical cannabis, said in the statement . “The Misuse of Drugs laws need to be amended so they synchronize with the regulations of CBD products as a food supplement,” Kenny continued. “The legal system must keep up to date with the reality on the ground, CBD products are now well-known for providing medical relief to people with various ailments and does not produce psychotropic effects,” added Carlow councillor Adrienne Wallace. “The shop owners and their family at…

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