Rhode Island Marijuana Legalization Bill To Be Filed This Month, Senate Leader Says

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A top Rhode Island senator says a bill to legalize marijuana in the state will be introduced this month, possibly as early as next week. Rather than wait until later in the session for budget negotiations, Senate Majority Leader Michael McCaffrey (D) told The Public’s Radio that he wants to put the legislation in front of lawmakers sooner so they can work out regulations and decide on key policies such as how to address expungements and tax allocation from cannabis revenue. McCaffrey said he and the chair of the Senate Health & Human Services Committee have been “meeting since November on a regular basis to talk about different aspects of the legislation, and I would suspect that the end of next week or beginning of the following week, we’ll come out with the proposed legislation so that at least the parties can start to look at it.” Listen to McCaffrey talk about pending marijuana legislation, starting around 7:10 into the audio below: The bill will take an “entrepreneurial” approach to the industry, he said, and that means keeping different operations within the cannabis sector, such as growers and dispensaries “independent of each other,” rather than allowing for vertical integration. It’s also clear that the majority leader plans to propose a traditional, private model for the market, rather than create a state-run system as was floated by Gov. Gina Raimondo (D), who is expected to leave office to join the Biden administration as commerce secretary. McCaffrey also said that the bill will include “provisions that if a community wants to opt out of [allowing marijuana businesses to operate in their area], there’s going to be a way for the communities to opt out of it.” But other issues have yet to be settled, he…

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