8 weed strains that taste like dessert


Who doesn’t want a smoking experience as sweet and savory as indulging in dessert?  Anyone who rolls up on the regular knows that cannabis is all about flavor. That’s why people are chasing exotic strains. There are thousands of different terpene profiles out there that can make your cannabis flower and dabs taste a variety of ways. When narrowing them down for this list, we decided to go with a mix of sweet, fruity, sugary, and candy-reminiscent flavors that will be perfect for your next post-dinner smoke sesh. Here are eight delicious weed strains that taste like dessert. Ice Cream Cake Gelato #33, aka Larry Bird, is the well-known child of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake and the dessert stain of all dessert strains, as far as I’m concerned. Bow down when you speak its name, nahmean? So treat yourself to some Ice Cream Cake. More specifically, treat yourself to an Ice Cream Cake PAX era pod, or some Ice Cream Cake hash rosin, because its flavor is so specifically sweet, gassy, and sugary that the oils taste exactly like smoking a bowl of dairy dessert. In fact, the last time I bought it from Archive Portland, on the way out the door, Natalie the budtender told me to enjoy my dessert. And I did. I did enjoy my dessert. Find Ice Cream strains Zkittlez First of all, the Zkittlez flower is absolutely beautiful. It’s purple and green accents make the plant look exotic. Second of all, the taste is out of this world no matter how you consume it — flower, vapes, whatever, Zkittlez hits. Zkittlez is a cross of Grapefruit and Grape that tastes exactly like its misspelled namesake. It’s a candy strain that tastes like the entire spectrum of fruity terpenes in cannabis. It’s also relaxing ,…

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