U.K. police discover yet another multi-storey weed factory

Growth op

The West Yorkshire Police seized hundreds of cannabis plants worth tens of thousands of pounds in Dewsbury on Tuesday, making the confiscation the ninth in just eight weeks for the police service and representing yet another property in which the illegal grow stretched over multiple floors or properties. Officers with the Dewsbury and Mirfield arms of the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) forced entry to a former commercial property, notes a statement from the West Yorkshire Police . There they found the large-scale cannabis grow, which included 602 weed plants, within eight rooms and spread over four floors. Forensic officers were called in to gather evidence as work to dismantle the grow-op kicked off. Would you know if there was a cannabis factory next door? Police welcome citizen reports of suspicious drug activity $150 million in cannabis seized from 400 large drug operations in West Midlands last year Cannabis cultivators bank on illegal grow, but police make operation-ending withdrawal “While a full calculation of the value of the cannabis seized is yet to be completed, it will clearly be a six-figure sum given the number of plants officers found, and it is likely cannabis from this farm would have been distributed across our region,” Inspector Lee Baragwanath of the Dewsbury and Mirfield NPT says in the statement. “It is clearly good news that drugs from these plants have been prevented from reaching our streets,” Baragwanath adds. The most recent incident represents the ninth such grow that the NPT has raided and closed in Dewsbury in just two months. The inspector vows that officers will “continue to work hard to target and disrupt drug production and supply.” Inquiries by the Dewsbury and Mirfield NPT are continuing and the team is asking any witnesses to the grow-op to come forward. The progress made…

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Source : U.K. police discover yet another multi-storey weed factory

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