Connecticut Governor Unveils Adult-Use Legalization Proposal in Budget Request


<![CDATA[Mihai Andritoiu | Adobe StockIf Gov. Ned Lamont gets his way, Connecticut will no longer wave the white flag to out-of-state cannabis markets, like neighboring Massachusetts, that are currently deploying advertisements to funnel away potential revenue streams. During his budget address on Feb. 10, Lamont announced his legislative proposal for adult-use legalization, with cannabis sales to begin in May 2022. The proposal offers a comprehensive framework for the cultivation, manufacture, sale, possession, use and taxation of cannabis that prioritizes public health, public safety and social justice, according to a fact sheet he also released Feb. 10. Revenue from taxing the adult-use cannabis market in Connecticut would generate roughly $100 million by fiscal 2026, according to Lamont’s proposed budget. “And now our neighboring states are offering recreational marijuana on a legal and regulated basis,” Lamont said in his address. “Massachusetts dispensaries are advertising extensively here in Connecticut. And rather than surrender this market to out-of-staters, or worse, to the unregulated underground market, our budget provides for the legalization of recreational marijuana.”Lamont’s 163-page proposed cannabis legislation, An Act Responsibly and Equitably Regulating Adult-Use Cannabis, states that prohibition has failed, and Connecticut needs a new approach to protect public health and safety, especially for communities of color disproportionately harmed by cannabis arrests and convictions. According to Lamont’s summary, the proposal provides expungement for cannabis possession convictions prior to Oct. 1, 2015, as well as expungement by petition after that date. Under the proposed legislation, adults 21 and older would be allowed to possess 1.5 ounces of cannabis or equivalent amounts of other cannabis products. Possession of any amount above that would only be punishable by an infraction for a first offense, according to the summary. In addition, home grow would not be legal, but the criminal penalties would be substantially reduced.  The revenue…

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Source : Connecticut Governor Unveils Adult-Use Legalization Proposal in Budget Request

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