Kenyan man says he has been growing cannabis ‘as a vegetable’ for almost five decades

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A man from Mugui village in Kenya who has been growing cannabis as a vegetable since 1972 was none too happy when his plants were uprooted, allegedly after the local chief received complaints. Gerald Njiru Ireri accused the chief of disrupting his plants, which he maintains have medicinal value, without his permission, according to The Standard . Decorating rooms to hide a cannabis factory did not work for this farmer Vietnamese farmer believed in the healing powers of cannabis so much he was growing 300 plants as feed for his chickens Weed can be a barrel of fun, unless you get caught with it in Guyana “I am a God-fearing man and the chief has uprooted my plants without my consent,” Ireri charged. “This is a traditional herb which needs to be adopted for its medicinal value,” The Standard  reports him as saying. Ireri has been arrested for planting cannabis on his farm, as has been his wife. Despite his long history of growing ganja — which he began in the early 1970s after being introduced to the plant by a man who used to live in the forest — the practice didn’t go over so well with his wife. She has been pulling out the cannabis plants for years in a bid to discourage her husband’s green thumb, but to no avail, notes The Standard . Area chief Mark Nyaga reportedly said that he had received tips from the public about the man having a weed nursery. The suspect has served two separate jail terms for the same issue, Nyaga pointed out, adding that a probe into where he is supplying the drugs has been launched. Twitter comments related to the KTN News story were mostly in favour of letting the man be. “Sounds like the laws on cannabis…

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Source : Kenyan man says he has been growing cannabis ‘as a vegetable’ for almost five decades

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