Olivia Newton-John and her daughter may not agree on all music, but they do share a support of weed

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It’s “all in the family” for Olivia Newton-John, her daughter Chloe Lattanzi and her husband John Easterling when it comes to cannabis as medicine, something the four-time Grammy winner has long touted as helping ease symptoms from her cancer. Calling Easterling a “plant medicine man” who has taught her much about cannabis and herbs, Newton-John recently told the Hollywood Reporter that “he has been growing it for me for a number of years and I’ve benefited so much.” She recounted how, a few years back, she managed to wean herself off morphine after breaking her sacrum with the help of cannabis. “I want to let people know the healing values of plant medicine,” she said, adding that she is currently feeling well. Olivia Newton-John sees cancer as a ‘gift’ About 15 per cent of young Australians would try weed… if it was legal, that is Olivia Newton-John bringing her love for cannabis to Toronto expo “We have a family cannabis business together,” noted Lattanzi, which focuses on doing everything organically. “Again, all in the family,” she said. “The most important thing for me in life is to be someone who facilitates healing and talks about plant medicine. I want to show a wide array of perspectives,” she said, pointing out that they even sing to their plants. “We play them music. They experience the world differently than we do, but just as intensely,” Lattanzi said. The mother-and-daughter duo also recently teamed up for a duet of the more traditional kind, “Window in the Wall”, a song penned by the cousin of a woman Newton-John met at a health clinic years ago.

“I understand this wasn’t really Chloe’s genre of music. It was new for her. So, I went to get dinner as she did her first couple of…

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Source : Olivia Newton-John and her daughter may not agree on all music, but they do share a support of weed

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