Can Cannabis Make You A Better Parent?


The issue of parents using cannabis has always been something of a hot potato, although whether we talk about it or not, the fact remains that many parents do smoke pot. Surely, then, it’s better to listen to what these people have to say than it is to brush the whole subject under the carpet. Yet with the mainstream media generally steering clear of the topic, and virtually no scientific studies having been conducted into the effects of cannabis use on parenting, we reached out to a number of parents to get their insights. Related Post Does Prenatal Exposure To Cannabis Cause Cognitive Impairment? Parents And Cannabis: A Father’s Perspective A father of three from Bristol told Seedsman that smoking weed helps him to arbitrate the many arguments and disputes that inevitably arise among his children. “When the kids are fighting it can be pretty stressful for everyone, and I do have a bit of a tendency to be hot-headed,” he said. “But if I’ve had a smoke it makes me much less reactionary, and I don’t feel the need to jump in and punish them.” “Funnily enough, my not getting involved tends to help calm things down, as the kids often get more worked up once they see that I’ve taken someone’s side in an argument. So I’d say the best thing about weed is that it helps me to let things slide a little, and only come down hard when someone’s really overstepped the mark.” Interestingly, similar observations were provided by respondents in the only notable scientific study into the effect of cannabis on parenting. Published in the journal Adolescent Psychiatry[i], the paper contains a number of reports from parents who use cannabis, including who said: “Both of my two oldest are ADHD and they conflict head-to-head constantly.…

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