What is synthetic CBD?


Cannabis plants contain an extract known as CBD. It’s a natural way to benefit our health and lifestyle. As demand increases, the industry is trying to keep up. One such solution to the increased demand is synthetic CBD. What is natural CBD? CBD is naturally derived from cannabis. Although it is derived from cannabis plants, it does not give the ‘high’ that is commonly associated with it. THC is the compound that causes the ‘high’. Luckily, CBD products must legally contain less than 0.3% THC to not be considered an illegal marijuana product. RELATED ARTICLE: What is CBD oil & what can it do for you? CONTINUE READING Natural CBD has many benefits. The benefits can range from anxiety relief to pain relief. It’s also known to help reduce cancer symptoms. But is synthetic CBD the same? What is synthetic CBD? Synthetic CBD is CBD isolate. It is also known as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). Synthetic CBD is not naturally occurring as it is made using biological processes in a lab. This means it’s a man-made product. Synthetic CBD has a repeatability factor. This means the product can be made in numerous identical batches. This is very beneficial as it will lead to consistency. Consistency is key, especially within the pharmaceutical industry. Some synthetic CBD products can be considered chemically identical to their natural counterpart. However, due to a lack of regulation within the industry, some CBD isolate can be very different. Very little is known about this substance. The majority of research conducted for this industry focuses on natural CBD. Very little research has been done on synthetic CBD. This means that we can’t truly say they are completely identical. Side effects The positive and negative effects of synthetic CBD aren’t fully understood. This is because most of…

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