Squirrel hunt goes south after warden finds two men armed and accused of being high

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Hunting for the perfect high before hunting for squirrels predictably didn’t end well for two Pennsylvania men who now face charges of hunting under the influence. In late January, the Pennsylvania Game Commission laid charges in connection with an incident last September, according to NorthCentralPA.com . At about 10:30 a.m. on Sept. 17, 2020, Warden Geril Schoonmaker was patrolling an area in Lycoming County when he saw a minivan parked on a road. He was banned from flying cannabis flags but that didn’t stop ‘America’s coolest’ official from fighting against a bizarre superstition The most honest man told police about finding $400,000 of weed in shed Suspected loaded driver who was found with two loaded guns tried to hide weed in his crotch As he approached, he detected the smell of cannabis emanating from the van and saw a glass pipe, neon orange clothing and shotgun shells inside, NorthCentralPA  cites the complaint as noting. A check showed the vehicle was registered to Bryan Poust , 34, who was hunting with Douglas Litz , 32. Schoonmaker questioned the men after they exited the woods with long guns and made their way back to the minivan. No luck yet with snagging any squirrels on the state games land, they reported, so they came back to switch out the shotgun for a .22 calibre rifle. The warden confirmed the hunting licences of both men were in order and in season, since the squirrel hunt opened earlier in 2020 on Sept. 12 . However, there was still the matter of the weed odour and drug paraphernalia. Schoonmaker asked the men “if there was a legal reason that the odour of marijuana was coming from them and their clothing,” the complaint reportedly notes. Excuses soon fell away, though, with the men admitting to having smoked…

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Source : Squirrel hunt goes south after warden finds two men armed and accused of being high

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