Legal Marijuana Is More Popular Than Joe Biden, $15 Minimum Wage Or Rejoining Climate Agreement, Poll Finds

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Legalizing marijuana is more popular than implementing a national $15 minimum wage, rejoining the Paris climate agreement or establishing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, according to a new poll of U.S. adults. Sixty-one percent of the survey’s respondents said they thought recreational cannabis legalization is a good idea, while 39 percent said it’s a bad one. The next most popular of the national policy proposals included in the poll was rejoining the Paris climate accord, which came in at 57 percent in favor. Legal marijuana also ranked ahead of President Joe Biden’s job performance (49 percent approval) and the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump (49 percent say it is a good idea). Emerson College / 7 News The poll of 1,429 adults was conducted February 2–3 by Emerson College Polling for 7 News in Boston and published on Friday. Across the political spectrum, marijuana legalization was especially popular among those who identified as Democrats, with 74 percent in favor. Sixty percent of independents, meanwhile, supported the policy change, while only 46 percent of Republicans said legalization is a good idea. People who voted for Trump in the 2020 election were more skeptical of legalization than Republicans as a whole, with only 43 percent in favor of the policy. Of Biden voters, 76 percent said they support legalization. In general, support for legalization fell with age. Legalization had majority support across age groups surveyed, with the exception of those 65 and older. Just 38 percent of respondents in that upper age group said legalization is a good idea, compared to 79 percent of people 18–29, 67 percent of those 30–44 and 57 percent of those 46–64. Behind the legalization of recreational marijuana, rejoining the #parisclimateagreement ranked as the next most popular policy, with 57% stating it would…

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Source : Legal Marijuana Is More Popular Than Joe Biden, Minimum Wage Or Rejoining Climate Agreement, Poll Finds

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