Kansas Governor’s Medical Marijuana Legalization Plan Involves ‘Enlisting’ Voters To Pressure Lawmakers

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The governor of Kansas wants voters to put pressure on their representatives to get medical marijuana legalization passed this year. The comments come one day after Gov. Laura Kelly (D) announced a plan last week to enact the reform and use cannabis tax revenue to fund Medicaid expansion in the state. But the policy change won’t be simple in Kansas, one of the few remaining states without medical marijuana on the books and where Republicans control the legislature. While lawmakers introduced legalization bills in the last session, they stalled in committee without votes. Asked why she feels this year will be different, Kelly told KMBZ radio that the political dynamics have shifted and legislators aren’t going to “lose their jobs” by voting to advance the reform, given bipartisan support for the issue. The governor said she will continue to “try to work across the aisle with Republicans to come to agreement.” But what’s more, she said “I’m also going to be enlisting the efforts of the people of Kansas who really want this.” “They have spoken loudly and clearly on both of these issues,” Kelly said, referring to medical cannabis legalization and Medicaid expansion. “I need them to get that message across to the folks in the legislature here. I want to encourage them to vote for it, but to also reassure them that by voting for this, they do not put their jobs here in Topeka at risk.” “This is something that Kansans want,” she said. “They want both medical marijuana and they want Medicaid expansion. It makes all sorts of sense to marry the two together.” As Kelly pushes this new proposal, Kansas legislators have introduced medical cannabis legalization bills in both chambers in recent days. The Senate Commerce Commerce filed a medical cannabis legalization bill late last month,…

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Source : Kansas Governor’s Medical Marijuana Legalization Plan Involves ‘Enlisting’ Voters To Pressure Lawmakers

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