Super Bowl champ Marshawn Lynch launches line of 'diamond infused' blunts with assist from Toronto company

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Marshawn Lynch’s latest venture is ‘Dodi Blunts,’ a new line of cannabis products that will be available in Oakland next month. Packed in slow-burning palm leaf wraps, the blunts are infused with THCA crystalline ‘diamonds,’ a cannabis concentrate. Former NFL superstar and cannabis advocate Ricky Williams debuts new podcast Two years ago, the NFL’s cannabis policy forced David Irving out of the league. Now he’s back. Why the NFL’s new marijuana policy isn’t a total win for players According to the company’s website, Lynch, who won Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seattle Seahawks, came up with the name ‘dodi’ with his cousins, to refer to cannabis. “During my NFL career, my body took such a beating that on Monday it felt like I’d been hit by a Mac Truck. …so hell yeah that’s when some dodi came in handy for me personally to allow my mind to go elsewhere while my body took its time to recover,” Lynch writes . The company also has a Canadian connection, reports Mercury News , and is partnered with Toronto’s 2nd and Goal Ventures. According to Forbes , 2nd and Goal will provide “infrastructure and operational support” while Lynch is the sole owner of Dodi Blunts. Since retiring from football in 2016, Lynch has launched several businesses under the banner of Beast Mode, his nickname, including Beast Mode Apparel, Beast Mode Productions, and Beast Mode Ventures, in addition to philanthropic efforts. In 2006, Lynch formed the Oakland-based  Fam1st Family Foundation , which focuses on community efforts within the city and beyond. Dodi will also be partnering with the non-profit Last Prisoner Project. “When choosing our craft blunts, you’re collaborating with us to help: expunge cannabis records, raise money and awareness for local causes, support local arts and culture in underrepresented cities,” notes the company…

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Source : Super Bowl champ Marshawn Lynch launches line of 'diamond infused' blunts with assist from Toronto company

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