Man accused of hiding weed in his two-year-old daughter’s coat pocket

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In yet another episode of using kids to hide weed, a 36-year-old Wisconsin man has been charged with possessing cannabis and neglecting a child after police allege he tried to hide some weed in his two-year-old daughter’s coat pocket. The vehicle was stopped earlier this week after an Caledonia Police Department officer saw that it had no licence plates, according to Racine County Eye , citing a criminal complaint. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer saw the man, sitting in the passenger seat, holding a child on his lap. He reported that the child was crying so he had brought her to the front seat to check her diaper. Three-year-old, New Jersey boy hospitalized after ingesting weed edibles Teens arrested after viral video shows three-year-old smoking a blunt Couple charged with child endangerment after police discover 500-plant cannabis grow Beyond seeing the child in the front seat, the officer also smelled marijuana, Racine County Eye  reports. Returning to his vehicle to do an electronic records check of the female driver, the officer reports seeing the man reach into the rear passenger area and put the child back into her car seat, where children aged nine and four were already sitting. Officers asked the man if there was cannabis inside the car and he initially said there were some “roaches” from he and the driver smoking earlier in the day. Pressed, the man admitted had thrown a bag of weed in the back seat. The driver was asked to remove the children from the vehicle so that officers could fully inspect the back seat. Inside the right jacket pocket of the two-year-old, officers found a sandwich bag with a green leafy substance that later tested positive for 2.8 grams of cannabis, Racine County Eye notes. The man denied he tried to…

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Source : Man accused of hiding weed in his two-year-old daughter’s coat pocket

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