Clinical study of how cannabis mouthwash can combat COVID-19 nearing completion

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Two University of Lethbridge researchers whose findings in the early days of the pandemic explored how cannabis extracts could be used as adjunct treatments for COVID-19 have found a partner to test one of the extracts in a mouthwash. Following release of the pre-clinical findings last spring in PrePrints, the husband and wife team of Igor Kovalchuk and Olga Kovalchuk sought a partner to conduct clinical studies to test one of their cannabis sativa extracts in a mouthwash. The Kovalchuks, both biology professors and part of the university research team exploring cannabis cultivars and COVID-19, say the idea was to “see if it reduces the severity and duration of COVID,” notes a university statement this week . David Beckham invests in CBD company Canadian companies pushing the cannabis envelope COVID-19 and cannabis: Will connecting the two really lead to a viable treatment? They have identified that partner as U.S.-based Good Pharmaceutical Development Company, whose website notes its mission is “to create safe, non-addictive, and clinically proven topical treatments for pain relief” and current produces a pain relief cream listed as 99 per cent pure CBD. “We are honoured to work with them and we’re excited that they are interested in our work,” Olga Kovalchuk says in the statement. “The clinical study is ongoing, but nearing completion and we’re really hopeful,” she reports. Another pre-print study out of the U.K. last year considered the ability of widely available mouthwashes to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 in vitro . “During a 30-second exposure, two rinses containing cetylpyridinium chloride and a third with ethanol/ethyl lauroyl arginate eliminated live virus,” the authors found. “Studies are warranted to determine whether these formulations can inactivate virus in the human oropharynx in vivo , and whether this might impact transmission.” But a write-up last November by McGill University’s Office for…

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Source : Clinical study of how cannabis mouthwash can combat COVID-19 nearing completion

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